Become a Certified Home Health Aide

Want to become a Certified Home Health Aide? Our short, 40-hour HHA course is for current CNAs who wish to learn how to provide personal care in a home-care setting. Typical clients are those who are unable to care for themselves and/or need assistance toward the recovery, safety and comfort of the patient. Students also learn to provide low-level healthcare services, such as taking a patient’s temperature, checking his or her pulse rate, or monitoring vital signs.

The Home Health Aide training course combines 20 hours of classroom instruction and 20 hours of supervised clinical practice in an assisted-living setting. Successful completion of the course will qualify you to be a Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA). This course meets the certification requirements of the California State Department of Public Health.

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 Program Description

The Home Health Aide program has been developed to prepare CNA’s for certification as a Home Health Aide by the State of California. (If you need to become a CNA first, start here). This certification allows the home health aide to function as an entry-level worker on a health care team in a home health agency. The curriculum is structured to provide theory and practical application of knowledge and skill needed to function as a home health aide.

Course Details

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

Use verbal and written communications specific to Home Health Aide.
Demonstrate legal and ethical responsibilities specific to Home Health Aide.
Perform physical comfort and safety functions specific to Home Health Aide.
Provide personal patient care.
Perform patient care procedures.
Apply principles of nutrition.
Provide care for geriatric patients.
Apply the principles of infection control specific to Home Health Aide.
Provide bio-psycho-social support
Perform supervised organizational functions, following the patient plan of care.
Assist with rehabilitative activities.
Perform home health-care services

These learning objectives will be achieved through direct instruction, lecture and practicum. The Instructor provides assistance by integrating technology into instruction and emphasizes student-centered learning and by placing more responsibility on the students to take the initiative for meeting the demands of various learning tasks.

Enrollment Requirements

Current CNA Certification. If you need to become a CNA first, start here.
High School diploma, GED, Equivalent or pass the Ability To Benefit exam.
Valid Social Security card (matching first and last name).
Valid CA Photo ID (Driver’s License, CA ID card, Passport, Green Card).
Submit completed Live scan  form
Proof of good health: A report which includes a medical history, physical examination and PPD TB Test or Chest X-Ray (CXR) clearance signed by a healthcare provider confirming good health student and no risk to student, patients or visitors.
A valid CPR card. This may be completed during the course by the American Heart Association
No criminal record