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Hire your SAAS BDR today!

Procareer Academy can help you hire top Tech Sales talent.

We understand how hard it is for employers to find well trained Tech Sales talent. Our mission is to help employers meet that goal by up-skilling and placing qualified tech sales pros. We find qualified and motivated individuals with a BS degree and sales experience who need to level up to excel as Tech salespersons. After our five week immersive Tech Sales program, they are ready to hit the ground running and exceed your sales quotas.

Technology Sales Program prepares job seekers for an entry-level position as Business Development Representatives (“BDRs”) in the Technology Industry. Business Development Representatives work for software companies to educate their customers, clarify their needs, demonstrate how software features will solve their business problems and ultimately make the sale!

Our classes are not “do it at your own pace”, pre-recorded videos! These are Live, Instructor-led Online classes. Your future sales pro will learn in real time from an experienced Live Instructor by doing hands-on activities, presentations and role-playing exercises. Our goal is to make them productive in their new job from day one.

Our Technology Sales Program uses an immersive hands-on training methodology to teach practical selling skills. They will also learn the underlying technologies and how to maximize their productivity by using Sales Automation tools. Specifically, they will learn to:

-Short-list prospective companies in your target segments by size, geography and industry verticals.
-Prospect for new clients on LinkedIn and ZoomInfo to obtain contact information.
-Conduct successful outreach via cold calls, emails and messages on LinkedIn & Social Media.
-Conduct discovery meetings to uncover client’s pain points and uncover hidden needs.
-Use reference stories to demonstrate the product’s capabilities to meet client needs.
-Answer client objections, negotiate and close sales. 
-Use Sales Automation Tools (CRM, Slack, etc) to boost productivity

Admission Process & Requirements:

–Minimum BS degree in any field with at least 6 months of sales experience.
–Authorized to work in the US.
–Basic computer skills (Web search, Email etiquette, Google Docs & Google Sheets).
–They need to pass an online writing and analytical skills test to proceed further.
–We share with you their resume, Linkedin Profile, Analytical skills and writing assessment results.
-If you want to proceed further with the candidate, we arrange an interview with you.
-We admit them to the program only if you select them for future employment after their training.
–They complete the five-week program and start working for you.
-You pay us their training fee, which is much lower than head-hunter fees.
-The employee enters into a Tuition Assistance & Repayment Contract with you to protect your investment in their education.

Procareer Academy’s Technology Sales Program is a win-win proposition that helps the Tech Industry hire quality sales professionals while up-skilling current workers to meet the demand. More importantly, it keeps us, the vocational school accountable to deliver measurable success to both – workers and their employers. If we do not deliver job placements, we do not generate any revenue. 

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Let us help you hire your next SAAS BDR.

You need to hire Tech Sales Pros. And it has not been easy.

On any given day, there are thousands of job openings for Tech Salespersons on LinkedIn and Indeed, perhaps including your ad. You are looking to hire sales persons that can talk to customers, understand their needs, demonstrate software products and generate revenue. Furthermore, for a small/mid sized SAAS company, it is extremely difficult to get noticed and get the attention of prospective Tech Sales workers. On the other side, there are a lot of qualified sales professionals currently working in other industries who are looking to enter the world of Technology Sales. Our goal is to bridge that gap by up-skilling the workers and placing them in your company.

Hands-on Sales Training

Our Tech Sales Program is an interactive learning experience wherein the students “learn by doing”. It is a Live, In-person, Online class in which the students are required to log in during class hours, turn on their camera and actively participate. Under the guidance of an industry-expert instructor, they learn and practice real world selling skills. They even perform mock sales discovery meetings and product demonstrations with their classmates. Our goal is to make them ready to sell from the first day on the job!

Remote or On-site job placements?

We can assist employers recruit sales talent in either scenario. Although, in our experience, when companies are flexible and allow remote workers, it opens up opportunities to hire talent from across the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So is Procareer Academy a headhunter then?
A: No. As you are aware, headhunters are contractors hired to search for qualified candidates on their client’s behalf. They usually poach from one company to place at another, with no value added in the process. Our mission is to up-skill current sales persons to increase the total pool of Tech Sales workers. Our goal is to benefit both the employers and the workers.

Q: Can you give us a sample Tuition Assistance & Repayment Contract?
A: Yes we will be glad to do so. However, we are not in a position to offer any legal advice and take no responsibility regarding its content. We strongly suggest you to have your lawyer review it before you use it.

Q: What if the employee leaves the company before the term of the contract?
A: We urge our employer partners to conduct proper due diligence prior to making a job offer to the candidate. If the employee still leaves the company prior to the agreed upon employment period, then the company should enforce the contract.