Java Programming

After completing this course, students will be able to:

• Create simple Java classes and use object references to access fields and methods in a class

• Demonstrate polymorphism by implementing a Java interface

• Handle a checked exception in a Java application

• Use a Predicate Lambda expression as the argument to a method

• Define and implement a simple class hierarchy that supports application requirements

• Write Java code that uses variables, arrays, conditional and loop constructs of achieve program objectives

• Identify modular programming principles

• Access and create static fields and methods

• Encapsulate a class using access modifiers and overloaded constructors

• Manipulate numeric, text, and string data using appropriate Java operators

• Set environment variables to allow the Java compiler and runtime executables to function properly

Admission Requirements

Applicants must possess a high school diploma or GED, or pass the ability to benefit (ATB) test. In order to determine ability to benefit, the Wonderlic Basic Skills test will be given to all students who do not have a High School Diploma or GED.

Career Opportunity

Upon successfully completing this program, the student is prepared to take the Java Foundations 1ZO-811 certification exam. For more information, see: Successful graduates will be employable as Entry level Java Programmers. (DOT Code 030.162-010)