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Welcome to Procareer Academy.

Procareer Academy’s mission is to leverage available Government funding to train and place individuals in Technology and Healthcare careers. We specialize in delivering free, government-funded training and job placement to help the under-represented (women and minorities) start their careers in these fields. We are committed to preparing students with the knowledge and job-ready hands-on skills to obtain employment and pursue successful careers. Our passion lies in the personal and professional development of the individual in our multicultural society.

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Our Courses


Full Stack Developer

Our Full Stack Developer is an immersive hands-on course which teaches practical coding skills to prepare students to do end to end software development. They learn how to build the front end which includes everything the website viewer can see and interact with; as well as the back end which refers to all the servers, databases, and other internal architecture that drives the web application. They learn programming languages, frameworks and databases to build fully functioning web applications. 

Technology Sales Professional

Our Technology Sales Program course prepares students for an entry-level position as Business Development Representatives in the Technology Industry. Our training approach combines knowledge of the technology and tools with comprehensive hands-on instruction of practical selling skills. Additionally, we provide mentoring and assist with job search and interviews to ensure placement at the completion of the course.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Our Certified Nursing Assistant course prepares the student to be a beginning health care worker in the long term care facility or the acute care setting. Our training approach combines a strong theory background with comprehensive hands-on clinical skills to prepare our students to pass the State CNA exam. Read our 5-star Google reviews from the past students to learn about the quality of our instruction. Additionally, our Career Services team places new graduates in full-time jobs.

Our Grads are going Places!

Online Live Classes

Our Classes are Live, In-person, Instructor-led Online classes. The students log in during scheduled class hours, turn on their camera and interactively participate in the class, just like an in-person class. They “learn by doing” under the guidance of a live instructor. 

Government Funded Program

We have been providing training and job placement services using available Government funding since 2003. The program is performance based wherein we have to deliver successful outcomes by placing our graduates in the industry. 

Employer Funded Program

Since 2018, we have been partnering with employers to address the skills gap by training and placing workers in critically important positions. Our industry-led curriculum is designed to make employees productive from the first day on the job.

Job Placement Assistance

We provide resume preparation and mentoring assistance. Our placement staff arranges interviews for our graduates so they can start working soon after the class. While the school cannot guarantee job placement, we work hard to find employment for our students. 

Feel free to get in touch

Address : 11133 1st Avenue, Whittier, CA 90603

Phone: 562 698-8301

Hours of operation: By appointment

Feel free to get in touch

Address : 11133 1st Avenue, Whittier, CA 90603

Phone: 562 698-8301

Hours of operation: By appointment